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How It All WorksUpdated 2 months ago

Step 1: Create an MBC Account: Account Application

Step 2: Place a Sample Order 

Connect with Our Client Care Concierge: Contact us

Step 3: Send Us Your Logo

a. Prepare your logo in a high resolution format: MBC Logo Guidelines 

b. Purchase Logo Plate Design and Submit your logo through the designated submission form. 

c. Our printing specialist will covert your logo into a printable format. 

Step 4: Review and Approve the Logo Plate Design

a. Review the logo plate design (mockup) sent to you. 

b. Provide feedback or approve the design.

c. Once approved, select the products and branding applications you want.

Step 5: Printing 

Lead time is typically 10-15 business days.  Plan your orders accordingly.

Step 6: Delivery 

Once ready to ship, you will be notified via email. 

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